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"The last month and a half has been challenging for the cash-and-carry traders," said Yuval Reisman, co-founder at YRD Capital, which allocates to systematic crypto managers. "The professionals prepared for a rainy day, by developing more strategies." Over the past month and a half or so, the fund's performance has been flat, taking its 2021 gain to 30%, he says.


Rising Women In Crypto Power List 2020:

Inbal is one of the few women working in the digital assets hedge fund space, and is a champion of getting more women into venture capital roles. As Director of Fund for Digital Assets at London-based YRD Capital, a global fund for digital assets, she is a pioneer in her own right by leading YRD Capital to become the first Fund of Funds in the world to focus solely on quantitative strategies in crypto assets.


It’s time for more investors to get in on the action and to learn how to reap the rewards of digital assets. But they must be prepared before they take the plunge, or risk drowning in a sea of uncertainty and risk. 


A growing number of hedge funds are exploring the potential of crypto assets through this type of investment vehicle, and some are outperforming conventional capital market hedge funds. The new crypto asset class has created a once in a decade opportunity for young hedge fund managers to set up their own quantitative funds for digital assets, which the new money transfer recipients and family offices can invest in. 


Hedge funds and retail investors are entering the crypto space with high expectations – but not everyone can manage the risks of crypto trading. Yuval Reisman, CEO and cofounder, YRD Capital believes that regulating exchanges will help to support transparency and protect investors while offering greater legitimacy to a new asset class. 


Our experience from the last three years shows it is possible to profit through algorithmic strategies from the volatility in a new, growing and inefficient marketplace for crypto-assets.

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This winning fund is a systematic driven global investment fund that utilises traditional investment strategies in the emerging digital asset class. The investment team’s deep breadth of experience in professional financial services, coupled with a long-term systematic-driven approach.


New Chairman Morley is a specialist in the field of alternative investments. He was the founding Chairman of The Alternative Investment Management Association (AIMA), the world trade association for the Hedge fund industry. 


YRD Capital - a digital assets quantitative fund…. last week said that it was primarily focused on UK and European markets, with co-founder Yuval Reisman re-locating to London.


The UK is the right place to be for YRD Capital. This country has always been open to financial innovation, and its government and regulator hold progressive views on the future of digital assets.


We made our first investment in a UK based fund in early 2019 and made our second investment last month. We see an increasing number of top tier quant teams coming out of the UK, led by people who worked for the world’s leading prop shops. With the recent volatility in equities markets, and the uncertain period we have entered, we believe that more investors will consider allocating to alternative, uncorrelated, funds.


We want to stress that the digital asset still provides an incredible opportunity to gain impressive returns. Some of the service providers are top tier, like Fidelity, CME or ICE, and with this increase in quality the risks decrease.


Most investors can’t access the leading prop shops (Jump, Tower, Two Sigma, Brevan Howard, Jane Street) that do algo-trading on digital assets. We allow access to the same strategies, many times, by investing in people that left these funds and launched their own fund.


We spend much of our time educating potential investors, connecting funds to the leading and most secure service providers, and working to progress the industry toward a more institutional and professional place.


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